Self Help: Atelier LIII - The Jornalero Papers
Self Help: Atelier LIV - Sueños Libres: West Coast Soñazos
Self Help: Atelier LV - Communication Threads & Entwined Recollections
Self Help: Special Project - Futbol: The Beautiful Game
Self Help: Special Project - Printmaking Survey of the Los Angeles River
Self Help: Special Project - 43: From Ayotzinapa to Ferguson
Self Help: Special Project - Print Summit Portfolio
Self Help: Atelier LVI - Queerida
Self Help: Atelier LVII - Census
Self Help: Utopia/Dystopia
Utopia's Growth, 2019
Utopian Six of Hearts, 2019
Utopia Print, 2019
Spiritual dimensions, 2019
Valet Dystopique, 2019
Utopia, 2019
Untitled (Utopia, Jack of Spades), 2019
Utopian Free Movement, 2019
Utopia "Up North," 2019
Utopia, 2019
Utopia (Acevedo), 2019
Trèfle Utopique, 2019
Untitled (Dystopia), 2019
Untitled (Utopia), 2019
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