Peacock Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk
Royal Baking Powder
Red House
Old People's Brand Quaker Oats
Huang Xianghua
Gold Yuan
Gentle Tower Brand
Flying Bull Sweetened Condensed Milk
Bournville Cocoa Powder [green]
Bournville Cocoa Powder [blue]
Quintessence Pharmaceutical House of Watsons, 1921
Picture of a Beauty under the Flower Recording Tang Jiyi’s Cough Pill Test
New York LANMAN & KEMP Medicinal and Herb Perfumery Factory
Da Chang Tobacco Company
Great Britain Brand Cigarettes Winter Fashion Collection Featuring Beautiful Women
Taicheng [copy 2]
Jilan Hall
Taicheng [copy 1]
Taicheng [copy 3]
Taicheng [copy 4]
Quintessence Pharmaceutical House of Watsons, 1920
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